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Please fill out our simple IT questionnaire by selecting the best possible answer below, then click submit. We will review your answers and determine a customized, affordable plan that works best for you—and your network.

Do you have non-IT staff members acting as the IT person in your organization?

Is there a dedicated IT team or person on staff?

Does your company have an updated Disaster Recovery plan in place for your technology?

Do you maintain an annual IT budget?

Does your organization work with more than three technology vendors? (IT support, copy/print, Internet, phone, website, etc.)

Have you ever experienced downtime from viruses, loss of data or security breach?

Are your IT expenses level and predicatble?

Currently, are you satisfied with how your IT needs are being met?

Do you/critical staff members have the ability to securely connect to the office and work from home?

When choosing an IT partner, what is most important to you? (Check all that apply.)


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